Probiotics – coming from the Latin pro meaning “for” and Greek biota meaning “life” – are live bacteria that are beneficial for your health (Yes, bacteria can be good!). 

This “good bacteria” is naturally occurring and you can find them in dairy products like cheese and yogurt, in fermented foods, or in your body. Probiotics colonize our bodies and they actively work together with each other and with human cells to carry out their important roles in digestion, immune system functions, metabolism and defense against pathogens. In particular, probiotics can be useful in maintaining a healthy balance between the good and the bad bacteria---when you lack the “good bacteria,” they help replenish and encourage them to fight the “bad bacteria.”

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Most research on probiotics focus on those that help the digestive system (which is why you always see them in yogurt), but...

we have spent a great deal of time researching other probiotics to see what more they can do for us. Combining lactobacillus (which is the most common probiotic and is found in yogurt), actinobacteria and photosynthetic bacteria, we have created a solution that allows hard-working probiotics to kill the “bad bacteria” and eliminate bad odors at the source.