Probio Living is dedicated to bringing safer and more eco-friendly living into households by providing alternatives to toxic chemical air fresheners with our live probiotic-based products.

We believe in raising awareness of the toxicity of normal household air cleaners to protect households and the environment alike for a cleaner, healthier future. Our product offers a solution to the chemical epidemic.


Unlike leading chemical air freshener brands, our product is 100% natural and non-toxic.

So it’s safe to use wherever malodors are present without having to worry about inhaling harmful chemicals. Leading air fresheners use chemicals that contain toxins such as benzesothiazolinone and diethylene glycol, both of which are poisonous to humans. By spraying these poisons into the air and then inhaling them, you’re putting yourself and your family at risk.


Thanks to the live probiotic technology we use, our products are completely harmless to your health and the environment---something we take very seriously. We use purified probiotics in our patent pending product, getting us one step closer to a baby-friendly, pet-friendly, and human-friendly world. You can read more about probiotics here and how our technology works here.